If You Looking for How To Watch Live Cricket without Hotstar , want to watch ipl free and watch web series at free, this article just for you. In this article I will share a trick. By using this trick you can watch Cricket without Hotstar.

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As you know now a days if you want to watch Cricket match on your mobile phone or Desktop then the only option Hotstar. But I have a trick for it. You don’t need Hotstar for watching Cricket match.

In this article I will share some steps. If you follow these steps, you don’t need Hotstar. Hotstar is not free. For this reason if you want to watch live cricket then you have to buy Hotstar pakage. Many of us can not pay this fees. For those people I share this trick.

You can watch live One day cricket match, IPL match, Live World Cup Match at free of cost.

Now tv channel pakage price increase day by day. If you want to watch live tv (all indian channels). Then there are too many options but all are paid. You can watch live tv from Jio tv app. But if you want to watch live tv through jio tv app, jio sim card mandatory for this.

I strongly believe that many of you don’t have Jio Sim Card. For this reason you can’t watch live tv from JioTv app.

If you follow mention steps you can watch live tv without JioTv at free of cost. Also you can watch previous shows at free of cost.

You can also watch Web Series, New Release Movies and Many more at free of cost by using this method. You can request your favourite content or web series or movies from this app.

Actually I will share an app with you. By using this app you can watch live cricket without Hotstar and also live tv channels

So friends without wasting more time lets see these steps.

1st I will share trick for Mobile user. Then I will share Trick for pc user.

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How To Watch Live Cricket without Hotstar at free on mobile

Here are all steps for Watch Live Cricket without Hotstar and Watch Live Cricket without JioTv.

1. You have to download one app ( Click Here to download ) [Android]

2. Install it.

3. Open this app.

4. You can face some issues at the time of watching live. I have its solution. I will suggest you to download any VPN From Google Play Store.

5. If you face any issue then 1st connect vpn then open this app.

6. Now Open this App. You can enjoy everything which you want.

How To Watch Live Cricket without Hotstar on PC at free of cost

If you are a PC user, this steps for you.

1. Download this app For Pc

2. Open this app.

3. You can face connection issues for some cases. If you face any connection issue then Connect VPN. Then open this app.

4. Voila ! You can watch everything what you want to see.


I hope this article will help you to Watch Live Cricket without Hotstar . You can also watch live cricket without JioTv on your mobile and PC.
*Disclaimer* This is a third party app. I have no connection with this app or its developer. I just share which I know. You have to install this app at your own risk. This app is safe at the time of publishing this article . In future if this app makes any unwanted issue , I am not responsible for this. Again, I have no connection with this app or its developer. I don’t know its developer.

Thank you for reading How To Watch Live Cricket without Hotstar. If you still have any quarry you can comment below.


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